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Enhanced Combustion

The Enhanced Combustion Process 

Lloyds Enhanced Combustion Process was developed to eliminate problems experienced with either poor quality fuel, irregular fuel types or fuels that are heavily contaminated such as with Power Generation, Heavy Marine, Mining and Agriculture. In essence, the Enhanced Combustion Process avails any Internal Combustion  engine to run on Any Combustible Fuel.

In addition the Enhanced process uses up to 45% less fuel for the same Kilowatt to Kilogram as a convention Diesel.

The Enhanced Process utilizes a proprietary Pre Combustor Valve located within the cylinder head, this valve provides a precise and controlled ignition of a small portion of fuel, the resulting plasma stream is released into the main cylinder chamber completing the combustion process, the Enhanced Process further reduces harmful NOX emissions by up to 80%, exceeding any current emissions and environmental mandate. This is Tier Five Technology today.

Enhanced Plasma Combustion Cycle

The created plasma flow ignites all fuels in the main piston chamber further aiding in the combustion cycle of the Internal Combustion engine. The combustion cycle is

precisely controlled to achieve maximum BTU recoup for the related fuel types. Any and all particulates, contaminates, waters or other irregularities with the fuel  type are addressed through the combustion process, these impurities are vaporized thus creating no residual carbons coking or build ups within the cylinder.

Enhanced Combustor Valve

The Enhanced Combustion Process utilizes a Proprietary Ceramic Pre Chamber, this Pre Chamber Valve acts as controlled environment to initially ignite a small portion of fuel which is then injected into the main Piston Chamber as a intense plasma flow.

Enhanced Twin Combustor Large Bore Application

The Enhanced Combustion Process can be installed on Big Bore Medium Speed Diesels through the larger Low Speed Two Stroke Diesels used in commercial Shipping or Power Generating Plants. The Twin Combustor Valves aid in a precise controlled ignition burn within the chamber, thus maximizing fuel efficiency, horsepower gains, all with a minimal environmental footprint. 

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