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Hydrogen, LNG Storage Tanks (Underground)

Hydrogen, LNG Power Plant & Terminal

Hydrogen, LNG Storage Tanks  (Underground)

Lloyds Engineering pioneered the development of our unique underground storage vessels satisfying the need for large volume Hydrogen & LNG Storage at a greatly reduced price over traditional above ground storage methods.

Hydrogen & LNG Underground is flexible, installed anywhere, with little to no long term maintenance or environmental impact. Lloyds Hydrogen & LNG Storage Underground applications serve many advantages in not only the construction, insulation, but also the security aspect. Underground storage is not susceptible to whether conditions, earthquakes or other natural occurrences.

The natural cooling of the earth aids in reduction of artificial refrig, underground is environmentally

friendly, requires one quarter the space as above ground, requires half of the construction time and in most

cases the construction costs are greatly reduced.

Power Barge

A Vertical Underground Storage facility would utilize three 30m x 150m Tanks for total storage of approx 200,000 cubic meters of Hydrogen or LNG. The pumping-transfer equipment and control house would be located directly above the underground tanks maximizing land usage. The cost of Vertical Hydrogen & LNG Storage has a considerable saving over above ground storage. The storage vessel installation provided by Lloyds proprietary Vertical Bore Platform.

LNG Power Plant & Terminal

Lloyds will design and construct Hydrogen & LNG terminals and Hydrogen & LNG Power Stations. Lloyds also offers conversion of older Coal Burning facilities to environmentally friendly Natural Gas. This further integrates the services, products and engineering experience of Lloyds Engineering.

Hydrogen & LNG Storage of 70,000 cubic metres through One Million cubic metres and Power Generating Plants utilizing either Turbine or Internal Combustion Engines can be designed and constructed.

Vertical Bore Storage Vessel Diversity

The primary applications for the Vertical Bore storage vessels are the CAES Program and Hydrogen & LNG Underground, (see CAES & Vertical Bore Platform page). 

However with recent whether occurrences, geophysical disasters or engineering fails, the ability to install Vertical storage vessels for Hydrogen, Natural Gas, Co2, Water, Food Stuffs and Petroleum have presented themselves. Additional markets for below ground housing in high populous areas or harsh environments have also been explored.

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