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Yacht & Ship

Motor Yacht

Lloyds Engineering brings an unrivaled passion with over ten decades of maritime knowledge, experience and engineering prowess. This combined with our state of the art facilities enables Lloyds to bring your dream Yacht project to fruition in a timely, cost effective manner. Our world renown Engineers and Naval architects integrate the latest cutting edge technologies, materials and processes to further maximize your Yacht's uniqueness.

Whether your Yacht is a clean sheet concept, refurbish project, Classic restoration or Explorer Yacht conversion, Lloyds will embrace.

Sailing Yacht

Lloyds Engineering embraces the romance of sail as its heritage. We pride ourselves in offering sailing yachts of classic two and three masted schooners through to modern keel raising Ketch's. Again we integrate cutting edge technologies, materials and processes into the yachts operation and building process.

Both aluminium and steel construction, coupled with ceramics and carbon fibers give a balance of form and function whilst maintaining the era of sail. 


Lloyds applies this same passion into the design, construction, conversion or re-engineering of most commercial ships and vessels.

Lloyds engineers and constructs Power Ships-Vessels in various lengths and tonnage capacities (see Power Ship), we will re-engine or re-purpose your vessel to suit any specific industrial application.

Hull Rib & Frame

Lloyds pioneered its revolutionary new roll, form, welding technology to enhance new ideas, new forms, new materials, new building techniques all while minimizing long lead times, reducing the overall production costs for welded Hull Rib and Frame beams, thus visualizing unparalleled potential in construction time-frames whilst reducing costs. The Beam Technology machine produces any form regardless of straight, taper, curve or tight radius or combinations thereof within the same structural and or

architectural welded beam.The process guarantee's weld integrity, continuity in form without distortion, all whilst producing said components in a time saving and cost effective manner, reducing production times by as much as 75%  to manual process’s. The machine and process can be adapted to weld steel, aluminium, exotic metals, even sonic weld plastics or carbon fibers.

Conversion; Enhanced Combustion

Lloyds Engineering pioneered the Enhanced Combustion Process, this proprietary plasma enhanced ignition process avails any Diesel engine to run on any combustible fuel source.

Enhanced Combustion can be applied to High Speed, Medium Speed and larger Two Stroke Diesels equally.

The Enhanced Combustion Diesel is a true Multi Fuel engine accommodating HFO, Diesel, LNG & Bio-Fuels.  

Visit the Enhanced Combustion page for more info.

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